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Grosir & Maklon

1. Data Integrity

Unless we find otherwise, all data and information that you submit to us on the Platform, shall be deemed true and accurate and you are responsible for updating or correcting your information or data if there is a change.

2. Privacy Policy

You agree that all information and personal data that you send to us on the Platform, by email, telephone, and other forms of communication may be collected, stored and processed by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We reserve the rights to amend or update the Privacy Policy at any time and publish the updated version on the Platform. Further terms regarding the Privacy Policy are specified in the dedicated Privacy Policy page.

3. License, Trademarks and Intellectual Property Rights
  • a. This Platform and all contents thereon, including but not limited to texts, copies, themes, designs, illustrations, photos, artwork and all other contents or materials (“Content”) are our, the relevant licensor’s, or the content provider’s property and protected by copyright, trademark and laws of the Republic of Indonesia and/or other countries (if any).
  • b. We do not grant you any rights or licenses, your use of the Platform does not constitue an agreement to or granting of any rights or licenses to you.
  • c. We reserve the rights to take down any Content on the Platform in accordance with our policies.
  • d. We strictly prohibit abuse of Content on the Platform, including but not limited to:
    1. 1) downloading, copying or using the Content or Platform with the intention to compete with the Platform, or for the benefit of other vendors, or third parties;
    2. 2) any changes, distributions, transmission, publication, uploading, licensing, manipulation, transfer or sale, or derivative works of any Content or Products offered on the Platform;
    3. 3) any uploads, posts, or distributions of any material containing software viruses or computer code, files or programs designed to interfere with, destroy or limit computer use, use of hardware or software for the purpose of intercepting, or retrieving information (such as data system or personal) from a website, including but not limited to the use of scraping or data collection techniques, spider robots or similar tools; or
    4. 4) any action that causes or may cause the use of a large or unreasonable or disproportionate load or damage that interferes with the performance of the Platform’s infrastructure.